Jesus kommt JETZT wieder. Wo stehst du?

God is real. God is good.

The world is fighting Jesus Christ. We sentenced our creator in a phoney trial to death. Are you blindly following this verdict? Or do you want to examine and come to your own judgment? I present the evidence that led to my decision: Testimonies as well as facts and arguments from science, philosophy, psychology, history, the Bible.

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Answer to CJ Hopkins “The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)”
by Martha Schalleck
Nov 20, 2022

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CJ Hopkins published his article “The Road to Totalitarianism (Revisited)” on November 13, 2022. You might want to read Hopkins´ article first, if you haven´t done so already. The following rather lengthy article is a short answer to the question Hopkins poses in his article. The short answer needs to be so long because people of today are caught in a labyrinth of lies, and you need to take a few turns, if you want to get out and see the real light. (To make things complicated: There is false light too.)

CJ Hopkins thinks we are on the road to totalitarianism, and we are already at a point in time, where many seem to have decided to go with the system, no matter what. I agree, and from the viewpoint of a skeptic, clearly something very weird is going on. At the end of his article Hopkins asks: “I haven’t seen any exits. Let me know if you do, will you?“

In this article, I want to show that there is an exit. It lies exactly, where most educated people would not even dare to look. They are not able to look there, because they have been fooled all their lives. But no matter how absurd you think this is right now: Jesus is the exit, the real Jesus, Son of God, who died for us and was resurrected. I am not talking about a Jesus, the imaginary friend for the weak-minded, who sort of said the same things as Buddha and all other religions. I am not talking about any “religion” at all, where it might be just fine to believe whatever helps you best. I am talking about the truth, a truth that once you get it, will hit you and stay with you. It is a truth that is so true that you would even be happy, if you have to die for it.


This article is not for people who want to believe that viruses or climate change are our major problems. It is not for people who desperately want to keep believing that humans are getting more evolved and will one day be able to solve their problems. The article presupposes at least some knowledge about the merits of the opposition against COVID- and other policies, as summarized for example in this peer-reviewed article or in German in this political book.

Please understand that not being allowed to criticize the ruling power is a sign of totalitarianism, see this video about the rising “scientocracy” in the age of COVID.

Science denier?

When critics of COVID policies and the Great Reset are labelled “science denier”, they only come second (or third...) in line. There exists a group of scientists, the so-called creationists, who have been labelled science deniers ever since the “modern scientific world view” quieted all opposition. This quieting was well orchestrated and succeeded in academia within a mere decade in the 19th century after Darwin´s “Origins of Species” was first published in 1859. The process of killing all opposition continues to this day. Scientists are shunned or fired and declared not worthy to even debate. Shame on those of course, who suspect somebody is avoiding the debate because they would lose it. (Peter J. Bowler: Darwin: The Man and his Influence; Desmond/Moore: Darwin; Jerry Bergman: The Slaughter of the Dissidents, see this video.)

When I say “creationist”, I refer to creationism in a broad sense. I mean all who see that God actually created the universe and us for a reason and that science offers nothing to draw this fact into question. Creationists might even think that science actually confirms creation, but that´s not really important here.

Public opinion holds that “creationism is bad”. Where does this widespread conviction come from? For example, in the past decades, entertaining public figures like Carl Sagan, Bill Nye (the comedian and “science guy”), Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins claim that according to science it would be stupid to believe in God. Most scientists would probably never go so far, but in the public eye, God makes no sense any longer because of “what science knows”. People cannot understand how they have been manipulated. They think, their beliefs are their own free choices. As Aldous Huxley (descendant of the foremost fighter for Darwinism, Thomas Huxley) famously wrote: The victim of mind-manipulation does not know he is a victim.

One of the parts of the manipulation is the created image of creationists as uneducated religious zealots. If the media ever report about creationism at all, they will invariably present some mentally unstable person who cannot form one coherent sentence. They take quotes out of context and generally report in a highly pejorative manner. They model how we should react: laugh about those dangerous idiots, shun them, punish them, prevent them from convincing others. Most important, never listen to what they are saying. Regard their talk as a dangerous and contagious disease. (And contagious it is, once someone starts to listen and really think.)

As a result of this manipulation, now everybody knows that creationists are “science deniers”. But today other scientists have become “science deniers” too, among them some of the most eminent scientists of our time, like John Ioannidis or Peter McCullough. – It turns out, in both cases, the so-called science deniers do in fact simply challenge false claims about science. “Science denier” is one of those words of our Newspeak that do not mean at all what they actually say. It all depends on how you define “science” and how you define “denier”.

The “narrating society” vs. the Godly society

If evolution were true, there would be no such thing as truth. The only truth would be this huge process, rolling through time. Whatever happens, is true. In this scenario, would it even be possible to really make a mistake and falsely deny science? One could doubt it, but we know that we do need some orientation for our lives and our societies. Where do we get it from, if there is no real truth?

We get it from manmade narratives. If we believe in evolution, this is all we have. Narratives are transient stories that are created by transient walking and talking heaps of molecules, which is what we essentially are. The absurdity in this could be taken further, but I don´t want to push it too far. In an evolutionary world, narratives are born somehow, they develop, they fight, they die. The fittest narrative survives and has more offspring. That is how societies work, according to evolution theory. Famous biologist and philosopher Julian Huxley (another descendant of “Darwin´s bulldog” Thomas Huxley) displays this in his speech 1959, cited in this book by Philip Johnson. A perfect illustration of how powerful people are using the narrative for their purposes is found in Klaus Schwab´s book “The Great Narrative”.

The narrative has always been at the center of the... well: the evolution of our society to where we are today. Different kinds of twisted Christianity, the Enlightenment, French Revolution, Darwinism, relativity, evidence-based-medicine, climate change and all health and pandemic issues, all these played a role. Technologies and tactics might vary, but the system of power narratives stays. It will be changed in parts, there might be fights, but it remains under control of elite groups. The narratives come not only through science and government, but in modern days are pushed through all media and entertainment. We are conditioned to live inside narratives so that the idea of there being actually one real truth appears more alien to us than an actual alien standing before us would.

If we took away all the narratives, the veils before our eyes, then we would be left with either nothing, if evolutionists are right. Or we would find God, if creationists are right. If evolutionists are right, there is really nothing to talk about. But if God is real and reveals himself to us, he can liberate us from having to bow down before narratives that are controlled by other people. With God´s personal help, we can even judge whether the Bible is his word or not.

But we do not even look that way. We are relying on the worst of two options. Our depending entirely on manmade narratives leads to a situation where the most callous, deceiving group of criminal people will one day have won all the battles. They will own the world by a web of narratives (alongside some minor assets they picked up on the way, like money, water, land and weapons). The narratives are like a spider web that everybody will be caught in. This inevitable outcome of a human society that does not have God´s personal revelation and guidance can only be stopped or reversed, if God indeed exists and intervenes as judge. If God is real, he is not a narrative but he is the “I am that I am”. He can tear any system down that he created, no matter whether a single human being believes that he exists - just to make clear again the difference between religion and a real living God.

It would seem sensible to try and find out whether this ultimate answer and solution to all the world´s catastrophes does exist after all. If there is no Creator, there is no exit. But if God is real, there is hope for freedom, justice and truth. So please bear with me and try to resist the evolution narrative for a little while and think for yourself.

“You have been deceived” – The manufacturing of modern science

How could an educated person come to an understanding that the whole big story about life that we grew up believing could be false? In my case, it happened when I did some studying to write a chapter about the “evolution of evil” for a book about neurofeedback (a strangely underrated technology to heal mental problems). I had no doubt that evolution was real and started reading a lot about it. This is how I found out that they actually have nothing but stories. There is zero evidence. Yes, there is much in nature that could be interpreted as evidence for evolution. They call it evidence, but it is not.

First and foremost, there cannot be any evidence in nature that could possibly prove that it evolved on its own without God. Darwin was well aware of this fact. According to him, the similarities between species are the central argument for evolution. And when scientists today speak of millions of pieces of evidence for evolution, this is what they mean, the similarities (i.e. homologies) between species. They build up their cladistics by comparing features of organisms.

But Darwin admits in “Origin of species” that all these observations could just as well be explained by the work of a creator. He wrote, it could be said “that it has pleased the Creator to construct all the animals and plants in each great class on a uniform plan...” Indeed, species had been grouped by scientists according to their similarities before Darwin. To those scientists the similarities were no surprise, why should God not make it that way? Was God a scientific conclusion? No, it was the underlying assumption, the frame in which they interpreted everything.

How does Darwin come to the conclusion that God is not to be seen as creator? Sure, he must have had a good reason for his bold theory? In reality though, he has nothing but an arbitrary, dogmatic decision. It is revealed in this sentence. After admitting that all could be attributed to God, Darwin finishes with these words: “... but this is not a scientific explanation.” He decreed a new kind of science whose major tenet would be that it banned God from the mind of the scientist.

Darwin had no evidence, simply because there can be no evidence against God. All the “evidence” for evolution to this day are descriptions of what they find in nature – with the added remark that this of course was created by evolution. See here and here Philip Skell´s analysis about how Darwin´s trick is reflected in real science. It simply has no effect on the scientific content, whether you say “evolution” or “Buddhism” or “Aztec cosmology” created this piece of nature, which is why Skell asks his colleagues: Why do we invoke Darwin?

Before this coup d´état by Darwin and his supporters, science with her Christian roots had always worked under the assumption that we live in a world that was created by God. But now comes rule number one for the new science of the new age that Darwin´s supporters are about to launch. This first rule is: We must not even think that we do our research in a created world. If you talk about creation, we will call you a bad scientist, your research we will call unscientific. If you insist on calling your creation research scientific, we will fight you, laugh at you and call you an enemy of science. Only research under the evolution assumption is scientific, creation research is not. Science equals evolution.

This is the gist of the deception: First, “science” is generally understood to be an enterprise to find out how things work by using certain (hopefully) objective methods. Using methods of truth-finding would be possible under both assumptions, creation or evolution. But with Darwin, they built into the clean objective side of science a Trojan horse. A mere counter-intuitive assumption became the mandatory foundation of all that can be called science. And with this very definition, the masses would one day be convinced that there would be lots of actual objective proof that God did not create us and therefore most likely does not even exist. Science was thus turned into a weapon against humanity and God himself. Most scientists switched sides quickly. Was there any consensus on how evolution actually happens? No, but career opportunities and funding exploded. Might this be the reason, why the whole educated world now believes in evolution?

This project by Darwinists was so successful, that if in these days, I say “God is real” to someone, I will be called to prove that he exists. They will demand: Why should I believe in something for which there is no evidence? - Well, what do you mean: no evidence? We are, everything is. Look around you. If there was nothing, it would be the default position that nothing created the nothing. But there is something. The logical default position is that something created it. But people feel extremely smart for believing the illogical, while laughing at the more logical assumption. This is the result of the Trojan horse, because they think, what they are trusting in, would be real science.

The modern belief system entails that nothing created everything, a tiny dot exploded and created the universe and that dust can think and work out solutions. For none of this do we have any evidence whatsoever. Coincidences cannot happen where nothing is and nothing happens. Unlikely things cannot happen after a long time, if time does not even exist. Impossible things cannot happen at all, no matter how long you wait. On the other hand, God is perfectly logical, and we do in fact have much evidence for God, apart from our own existence, see for examples here and here. But after Darwin, we are only allowed to consider the idea that is full of impossibilities. We just work hard on it, to make it seem plausible.

There were several theories of evolution around, but Darwin´s theory was the only one that relied entirely on merely natural mechanisms. For his theory, Darwin used ideas from Adam Smith and Robert Malthus that describe how humans do things. Political thinkers like Smith and Malthus have nothing to do with how the natural world works (read more in German here, pp.25).  

Darwin´s crude mixture of ideas however was sufficient to be able to create an impression that this fantastical invented natural process had real scientific merit. The wolf in sheep´s clothing, the big lie, is cloaked in sound clean science. After all, it left no room for “supernatural speculation”, so it was to be seen as entirely rational. But speculation it was, only it had eradicated anything supernatural, whether real or speculation.

But excluding the supernatural is only rational if the supernatural really does not exist. It was just an assumption that it does not. Actually, the study of the paranormal was accepted science at Darwin´s time. But they would soon lose all public funding and retreat to secret lodges (Sawicki: Geisterglaube, 2016), while at the same time evolutionary science boomed. And what´s even more stunning: The actual idea of evolution comes from the occult. Hinduism has its own evolutionary teachings for thousands of years, and modern Hindu gurus are very proud about this connection. Hindus also believe the earth is billions of years old, by the way, and actually come very close to the currently accepted dates in science. Interesting, isn´t it? So an occult idea was given new “clean, scientific” clothes, by excluding anything supernatural and inventing a naturalistic system of speculations.

Why would they put so much effort into this new kind of science? What does it matter, what we believe about our distant past, our origins? Darwin´s theory was the only way, they could kick God out of the minds of a former Christian society. This is why Darwin is celebrated as this great genius. We can uncover the whole secret in this above cited one revealing statement by Darwin himself: Sure, God could have made it, but let´s agree to call this view unscientific.

This is how science became the religion that Julian Huxley speaks about in 1959. Now “science” can begin leading us on the “right” path of life, where one day everything we believe and do will be determined by science, or should we say, by the people who own this science? Why can science tell us, what to do? Because there is no God. Did they prove that? No, they assumed it, but everybody treats the assumption as if it had ever been tested scientifically. Who supervises this science, to make sure that they are not lying to us? Hopefully not the same people that would pay the scientists to lie to us in the first place? Because if there is no God, then it´s all in human hands...

Still, resistance against the Darwinist story never dies. It even flourishes despite the problems that scientists are facing. For example, world class scientist James Tour tells us: "You have been deceived". He talks as a scientist about the impossibility of abiogenesis. Abiogenesis is the supposed magical process that turns dead, dumb molecules into highly sophisticated complex, vibrating life. In his videos, Tour also speaks about the consequences of his public criticism of evolutionary claims on his career. Or listen to Günter Bechly here, the once atheist paleontologist, who one day began to read creationist books to prepare an exhibition against creationism. He wanted to be prepared to answer questions by visitors. Rather unexpectedly, the books brought this highly esteemed scientist to change sides. Not long thereafter, he lost his job and his career.

There are many other scientists whose careers were “sucked down the drain like a turd in an airplane toilet” (to cite Hopkins´ article) because they speak the truth as they understand it - about the fossil record, abiogenesis, big bang, evolution and scientism. The bottom line of much of the scientific criticism: Science offers no plausible answer to how the great miracles actually could have happened. And many miracles must have happened, if the science worldview were to be right. They just declare that the respective miracle happened - because it must have - because otherwise they would have to admit that God is Creator. Which would flush most of modern science down the toilet.

They cannot find the mechanisms that could really support their invented stories. All they have, are millions of detail observations and those invented, enormous, larger-than-life stories (Stuart Firestein: Ignorance, how it drives science). Sorry, I forgot one more thing: they have time as their rescuing device. Deep time, unimaginably huge amounts of time that they supposedly measured by means of “radioactive clocks” supposedly fixed the logically and physically impossible. Is deep time true? Testable? No contradicting findings? See here and here and here for some answers. The clocks are not telling us anything clear or reliable anyway, and also, they have to skip all the data that do not match. And what about the big bang and the formation of planets, galaxies and stars? They sure understand how it all worked, or don´t they? No, they do not, watch here. They do not know how nothing could make anything, let alone everything. They do not understand, how planets or stars really form. Their theories work for some steps, but then they break down. There are no answers. They have some snippets of mechanisms and fantasies that are getting wilder and wilder until they end up in mere craziness. Like this one that they are seriously discussing: We are not real, but brains floating around, imagining everything.

As Stuart Firestein admits: “Facts change ... the next generation of scientists will be able to revise your facts ... Science changes with every funeral.” Or as James Tour would put it: “They are clueless!”

For a common sense fundamental rebuttal of evolution by a Christian teacher, see here. The talk with Kent Hovind might seem a little polemic, but it gets to the central problems and offers much to think about. Here you find a recent rebuttal of a rebuttal of Hovind´s views by self-proclaimed “Professor” Dave on Youtube. “Professor Dave” performs the dirty work for evolution “science”, where, as already said, real evolution scientists would never debate someone who understands the problems of their theory. You could also listen to the lawyer and Darwin critic Philip E. Johnson here or any of thousands of other videos to get a first glimpse into the debate that by magic does “not even exist”. In case, you would rather get an overview by a biologist, here is Robert Carter on “Evolution´s achilles heels”.

While people today firmly believe in the soundness and objectivity of all scientific claims, about a hundred years ago they understood much better that this was not, what evolution theory is about. Darwin admirer Walther May wrote in 1904 that Darwin had the same spirit of “deep nature worship” that had been present in Goethe. May states that in the new fields of research that had been opened up by Darwin (!), scientists had to make use of their poetic and creative powers to make any progress at all. Creativity and imagination became an essential part of the new science. (May, Walther: Goethe und Darwin in: Goethe, Humboldt, Darwin, Haeckel, Vier Vorträge, 1904, German.) In other words, modern science – the dry, objective, merely naturalistic story – builds on an entirely invented narrative. It is Disneyland for highly intelligent people. May thought it was great, and for many scientists it surely was and still is.

Regarding racism and totalitarianism

The modern scientific worldview can leave absolutely no room for religious freedom. This was for obvious reasons not proclaimed right from the beginning, where Darwinists were eager to state that they are not opposed against God. But Darwinism was designed to achieve total control bit by bit, in a slow process. Evolution as science is inherently totalitarian because it entails the answer to all religious questions and at the same time must claim that this is proven science. It must indoctrinate (“teach”, “educate”) and demand obedience from the masses in order to be able to fulfill its function. The newly installed evolutionary faith says: “Our view is not about faith in an invisible God, it is about knowledge”, while the “knowledge” really is nothing but faith in an imagined, physically impossible process.

Scientific evolution with all its creativity, is and must be a totalitarian system, it cannot live alongside with opposition. First, evolution theory is based on a lie, as shown above. Real open discussions in universities could turn all science that builds on evolution into a laughing stock quickly. Second, opposition against scientifically proven “facts” is by definition opposition against reality and crazy or even detrimental to society. (See also here.) Faith in evolution and faith in a Creator could only coexist in societies if none of the two rules over what people are obliged to say or do anywhere. As long as groups of people just make claims, and people can decide which side to follow in their lives, coexistence is possible. But this cannot take place, when evolution (or creation!) is falsely declared “proven fact” by science.

Furthermore, Darwinian evolution was used as a template for the most horrific events in the history of mankind. Is this an abuse of a good theory, as many claim? Or is the evil inherent in the theory? I dare say, evil is visibly inherent, if we only look at the complete title of Darwin´s major book. The title is “Origins of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”. – Who are the “favoured races”? Can we put less favoured races on display at the zoo? Or commit genocide against them? Yes, we can, see videos here and here.

The “Struggle for Life” would also be mirrored in the title of Hitler´s book “Mein Kampf”. I cannot go into detail here about the connections between Nazi totalitarianism and modern science. But if you look at the literature, you will find lots of evidence that modern science entirely depends on Darwin for this one reason: Darwinian science aids the rise of world totalitarianism. I recommend Jan Horník: Why the Holocaust and Richard Weikart´s work on Hitler´s Religion, books and videos, for example here.

These horrors can be derived from Darwin´s theory by clear logical reasoning, watch here.

If you study how Darwin promoters deliberately manipulated language and how successful they were, you have another building block of our modern brainwashed views. You will find lots of Newspeak and Doublethink in the evolutionary narrative, examples are “natural selection”, “survival of the fittest” which have become a natural part of everyday language. This manipulation of language was explicitly announced as the major goal by Thomas Huxley.

Newspeak is much present within biology itself, as in the term “homology”. Homology really means “similarities in structures between organisms”. But Darwinism changed its meaning to: “similarities due to common ancestors”. The presumed cause is now inseparable from description. By way of Newspeak the possibility of creation was eradicated in the minds of scientists. We all know that a common creator can cause similarities, we know it from our own creations. But language renders it impossible to even ask the question without becoming a science denier. Or do you want to doubt all the homologies? Also, scientists are forced to Doublethink much of the time, since their science keeps showing how evolution is really impossible but they are not allowed to actually entertain this thought. Cases in point are called Levinthal paradox, Darwin paradox (there are many) or Levinthal paradox of the interactome, in case you want to do some further study. If you look into this manipulation of language and thinking, you can see how 1984 really began in 1859. (I wrote about it in German here, you find more passages if you search for “Doppeldenk” in the book.)

If evolution is wrong, what´s the alternative?

When we anti-evolutionists point out all the many problems in real life and in all areas of science with evolutionary theories, some evolutionists will say: Yes, you do have some points here - but do you have an alternative? As long as there is no better scientific theory, we must stick with the old one, even if we all know it to be wrong.

This is a logical result of the described equaling science with evolution. First, they claim to be able to explain everything without God. This is how they defined and still define science. It turns out that they really can explain much about how things work. But the actual supposed evolution, how everything came into existence – universe, planets, life, consciousness – they cannot explain. They do not make any progress, unless we want to call going in circles and running against brick walls progress. 

There can be no “other scientific theory” about how everything came into existence than evolution. This is because the “alternative” is: God made it. The mistake lies in the claim that real science could be able to find out how everything came into being and in the basic claim that we would need a scientific theory about why and how we are here. We do not. Why? Because we cannot do anything about why and how we are here, anyway. And we cannot find out how the system came about of which we are only a tiny part, simple logic tells us.

But sure, in theory, they should be able to find some mechanisms, had everything somehow made itself. However, the simple fact these brilliant minds are blinded to, is: nothing can make itself. It would have to be there at first to be able to create itself. “The universe creates itself” is a logical impossibility. To try to find out the history of our universe or of life by using the scientific method is deluded.

Scientifically proven Satanic religion vs. God´s offer

How could so many highly intelligent people fall for such a delusion? There is a long, historical and social answer, but the deeper and simpler answer is spiritual. Of course, if you stay in the frame of evolutionary thinking, you need no answer, because scientists and public then are not deluded. If you know or assume that God is real, the answer must be spiritual.

If God is real, then the whole entire bunch of modern day accepted stories, from science to sexual liberty to all kinds of new spirituality to transient democracy and planned totalitarianism – all this must logically come from a spirit that wants to keep us away from our real God. Who should this be, if not Satan and people who serve Satan? This “serving Satan” can happen more explicitly with rituals, blood sacrifice etc. Or it can happen by accepting lies from Satan, including lies about scientifically proven facts. The main point is that our problems are spiritual. They have to do with the influence of spirit beings and with our own spiritual decisions.

As Julian Huxley stated in 1959: Evolution is our new world religion. Although many scientists and most people deny this, it is still happening. Evolution is the religion that is given to mankind by evil spirits. If you do not believe this, think twice about their answers to our most important questions: “We come from nothing, we are here for no reason, and we evaporate into nothing. Have fun!” You find some short, bone-chilling quotes here. But it can get even darker, when powerful evolutionists decide that they do not need you anymore, right? Only those of us, who know about God and Satan would not be surprised, should this occur.

On the other hand, God, our Creator, the one with the miracles and all this light and love and eternity around him, who is much greater than all wisdom of all created beings of all times taken together, says: If you do not honor or obey me, you will perish, you will go to hell and die. Sure, this does not sound all too thrilling either at first. We would prefer that he did not expect anything from us. But please take note: According to God, we all have a chance to make it to heaven, and he wants us there, all of us. No complicated requirements. It is only, if we do not want God´s love and forgiveness, we will perish. We can decide for God and for life and overcome death and destruction.

Occultism, Science, Philosophy & Satan

In German, “modern” is an anagram of “murder” – modern vs. morden. The word was invented by enlightenment thinkers. “Enlightenment” in itself is an idea from the occult. It means that man becomes (as) god. He enters the light, becomes one with everything, is awakened etc. This is considered to be the result of some kind of spiritual evolution. The Enlightenment was pushed by Freemasons. Masonry counts as one of its major pillars: Kabbalah aka “the occult”, see here. But Freemasons at the same time pride themselves as being foremost inventors of the modern scientific worldview. Is this a contradiction? No, materialism is taught in their lower grades. The real, the spiritual secrets are only for higher Masons. (In reality, each initiation step makes adepts more demon possessed and thus less human and easier to control. See further down about spiritual problems.)

Many occultists do love science, especially the science of mind control which they have perfected through the ages and in modern times with the help of modern science. This is officially denied, it does not even exist. The denial of the occult mind control rituals, the so-called “satanic panic” about all the brutal and vile rituals of all the underground cults, this public denial campaign was also mastered with the friendly help of scientists. (Read my German book on the topic here.) These scientists sometimes are mind controlled from childhood themselves, and on and on the lie goes through the ages.

The whole story is too big and at the bottom too spiritual to be even sketched briefly here.

But Bible and life experience make it more than clear: Satan helps those who serve him to get into power positions. This is how all positions of power get more and more corrupted. This is also why science and philosophy have been corrupted all the way. It was never the masses wanting philosophers and scientists telling them what to think and what to do. We are not paying them voluntarily, we are not asked, what kind of science we want. Philosophy and science are instruments, used by an elite, people with money and in power, and it always has been this way. They buy the philosophy and the science they want.

This is one of Satan´s hugest tricks, right from the pharaos, magicians and gurus of old. They always hold the so-called superior understanding, much of which has always been given to them in secret rituals by – spirit beings. The real secret is that the “great genius” and healing powers of people like Pythagoras, all their miracles, come from evil spirits, from fallen angels. They meet these “higher evolved beings” who teach all sorts of stuff, even real new and exciting technology. You could meet them too, if you denied God and went through the often vile rituals and be taught yourself. And let me tell you this secret right away: The most important teaching of all spirit guides is: “There is no God. Everything evolves.” (See also further down: False light.)

Quite a few great philosophers and scientists are known to have been occultists. Some examples in the literature: Glenn Alexander Magee: Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition; Jason Louv: John Dee and the Empire of Angels; Monika Neugebauer-Wölk: Aufklärung und Esoterik: J.B. Kennedy: The Musical Structure of Plato´s Dialogues; Michael White: The Last Sorcerer (Isaac Newton); Matthew Alun Ray: Subjectivity and Irreligion: Atheism and Agnosticism in Kant, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche; Max Seiling: Goethe als Okkultist; Daniel Branco: The Mystical Foundations of Francis Bacon's Science; R.W. Rieber, Freud on Interpretation: The Ancient Magical Egyptian and Jewish Traditions, Path in Psychology, Chapter 2: From the Pharaohs to Freud: Psychoanalysis and the Magical Egyptian Tradition. More enlightening literature: Lords of the Left-Hand-Path by Stephen Flowers. They write books about their spiritual path that involves doing things so evil that most adepts give up on their way. Not to speak about the influence of people like Aleister Crowley, Ayn Rand or Helen Blavatsky on our society.

Don´t get fooled by the fact that someone claims to be a Christian or atheist. The public creed says nothing about affiliations with the occult – which by definition is hidden.

Only God prevents human sacrifice

All of occultism is directly opposed to God, the Creator, Judge and Redeemer of the universe. It is 100% opposite to following Jesus Christ. The name of the war on earth always has been and still is: “Occultism vs. God and God vs. occultism.” And occultists fight against other occultists too, of course. Materialists are the most fooled of all, because they do not even know that there is another spiritual dimension interwoven with our world. But materialists stand on the side of the occultists. Without even understanding that there is a war and who is fighting who, they will sometimes fight viciously against God.

How did we all get fooled? Satan turned against God. He seduces man, and man believes that he can be God himself. No need for this God who only wants to keep him down. This is how suffering and death comes into the world. From then on people wanting to be their own gods deal with all kinds of spirits (and terrible problems, caused by these lying evil spirits). They invariably end up having to offer human sacrifices to their idols. These are the sources of modern occultism. God intervenes, sometimes violently, to bring us back on track, but we turn down his correction and aid. We love the narcissistic lie more than God.

This is what is described all through the Old Testament. And God´s wrath has to do with people giving human sacrifice to evil spirits, their gods. This is part of the story of Abraham being commanded to offer Isaac as a human sacrifice and then being stopped by God. In the Bible, God is really telling us, that this world is dangerous and we can only survive, if we obey him who loves us. But we laugh at him and play with fire, wolves and roaring lions.

A world that follows people like Hegel and Darwin instead of the Bible, cannot see absolute value and dignity in every human being. “Humanists” can claim they invented the concept of personal dignity as long as they want. Logic shows that real personal value comes from being loved by someone as an individual person. In order for every human to be treated with dignity, also those who are not loved by other people, there needs to be a loving, living Creator. There needs to be a commandment by this Creator to all humans to love all human beings, even if we would rather hate someone. And we need to know that if we do not obey, there will be consequences for us.

If there is no such Creator and no such commandment, then all we have, are wishful thinking and false promises. If the weaker can depend only on what the stronger are willing to give, then ... well, you do not have to be a prophet to know what will happen. Sooner or later people will have to be sacrificed for the “higher good”. Look at the history of mankind. Read, how historian Nigel Davies, believer in evolution, concludes in his book “Opfertod und Menschenopfer” [Sacrificial death and human sacrifice]: Maybe we should return to public human sacrifice because it really helped us a lot. It makes us more peaceful. Davies is only echoing other evolutionary experts on this subject. And if evolution were true, they could very well be right.

God, falsely accused

The whole lie of the modern world view includes several false accusations. For one: all the real evil that has been perpetrated by Christians is blamed on God. But this Christianity was infiltrated by occultists right from the beginning, which could be easily shown using the examples of Augustine and Luther. The lie today also includes that historians and archeologists supposedly find logical errors and nothing that really could confirm the truth of the Bible. See here and here and here for some answers.

The lie also includes that the God of the Bible would be evil. But if God is sole Creator and nurturer, then he decides who is to be seen as good or evil, right? God says, man is evil. Only, God is so good that he forgives us all our sins the very moment we turn to him. He wants to give us gifts far greater and more beautiful than we can ever imagine. This is his promise to each and every human. People who blame God always omit the crimes committed by man, against other humans and against God´s law. They omit the gracious great offer and their own unwillingness to repent and obey.

And yes, God´s wrath is sure to be feared. But look at the sheer size of our universe, look at the size and energy and intelligence in everything. Our Creator demands obedience and punishes us for disobedience. Where is the problem? How could a mere created small and not too impressively intelligent being understand enough to be able to judge its Creator? How could it benefit from trying to judge its Creator? Accusations against God make no sense at all. The only questions of interest can be: Is he real? And if he is, what does he want?

They are fooling themselves and the world. We are playing the same game over and over. Man wants to be his own god and accidentally follows Satan, who causes suffering and death and keeps us from turning to God. Satan then teaches us, that because there is so much evil in the world, there can be no God. Satan is by far more intelligent and powerful than humans, and he is the mastermind behind the conspiracies that have always aimed at a one world government – remember Babel. I hold that there is no other explanation as to how evil could have conquered the world so entirely - while there is so much good potential, love and intelligence in so many people and so much beauty in the world.

God´s promises, our only hope

God will turn the tables. And that event seems very close today, as more and more prophecies of the Bible find themselves fulfilled. Meanwhile, the exit is Jesus Christ. He is the door. He even says it explicitly: “I am the door” (John 10:7) Whoever trusts in Jesus, will also be spared the most evil days in the world that are to come. As I understand it, this is promised, and if God created the world, then the Bible is his word. All prophecies came true, so this will also come true, as I firmly believe. But my interpretation could be mistaken here, I cannot deny.

The only other book, with a God who claims, he is personal Creator and Judge, would be the Qur´an. But listen to these people here, if you wonder whether the Qu´ran might be the real revelation of our Creator.

What I know for sure is that the Bible is the only book that explains everything, fully and consistently and with much historical evidence backing it. It is the only book where the Creator himself declares his great love for all of us and offers salvation to every human being. We only have to accept the sacrifice that was brought on our behalf and turn to God. - There is no equal or better “story” out there anywhere. And testimonies of Jesus and his miracles abound today, in these very days. Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, New Agers have life-changing encounters with Jesus. They are living testimonies to the reality of the living God. (You find some on my channel. You find more in this playlist and on Youtube in general.)

Also, everyone, every single person can test it for themselves. Jesus is open to be tested by every human being. “Try me”, says Jesus to a murderer in prison who is about to kill himself. Right before the planned suicide, the man sits down a last time and cannot help but wish that there could be another way. This is the moment when Jesus speaks to him. The young man tries and wins the jack pot, he and thousands and thousands in these days, all over the world, receive miracles and healing by Jesus, while mainstream society is burning to ashes. You find the man´s testimony here.

False light vs. real light

Other kinds of testimonies also go rampant, where people had supernatural experiences and did not meet God. They boldly state that they came to know by their own experience that there is no God. There is only this very beautiful afterlife for everyone and forever. Bestselling author Eben Alexander and his visions while being in an induced coma, falsely proclaimed as a near death experience, is a case in point, see here. The whole story sounds a bit like “après life”: beautiful girls on butterflies, soft summer breeze, healing force of love, and, deep time also! We can all party with nice people like – well: Hitler, as I understand it. It will be so good, because no one will be judged! We just keep reincarnating. And, by the way, evolution made everything.

People believe this from visions, meditation, rituals, astral projection, gurus, magicians, and near death experiences. They meet supposedly “more evolved” higher beings, self-proclaimed teachers of mankind. The encounters are not to be doubted here, they are described just as hyper-real, intense and life-changing as the encounters with Jesus. They have been described all through history. Hinduism, Buddhism and all mystical traditions are derived from these real experiences. Only that the stories that these ”higher beings” give to humans who don´t want to obey their Creator, are false. They are lying spirits, aka demons. Please, think logically: Only because you do not meet God in your experience, this does not invalidate the encounters that other people have with God.

One group of visions must contain lies, either the ones with the personal God in them or the ones that deny the personal God. Either the personal God appearing in visions and near death experiences is an imposter and a lying spirit – or all the spirits claiming that evolution and reincarnation would explain everything, are lying spirits. As I see it, logic and science show clearly that we live in a created world. And if you add all stories together, the God story explains the evolution story, but the evolution story cannot explain why some people meet the Creator of the universe. But what someone wants to believe, is a personal decision that depends on whether you want to be your own god or a child of an unfathomably great God.

Regarding the reality of all these experiences: There are even some scientific studies that indicate that these are real experiences, see here and here  and here. If you apply forensic statement analysis to these testimonies, you will find that they are extremely credible accounts for many reasons. I came to study the respective methods when writing about the pseudoscience that was used for the lie that Satanism really is not as wide spread and not as evil as victims say (see here and here in German). The eyewitness accounts of victims of this abuse are highly credible. By all standards of science, we would have to believe these people, the supernatural accounts as well as the accounts of widespread horrific cult rituals.

But this would blow up our society that is built on the belief that there is nothing supernatural and on the belief that everything evolves, and that nothing is planned, and that the only bad thing about conspiracies would be that so many people falsely believe in them.

How do they fix this problem of credible eyewitness accounts that stand against the ruling narratives? They add a new condition to their scientific method of assessing eyewitness accounts. It states that whenever there is a credible account of something that by their science definition is not allowed to exist, the testimony is to be attributed to manipulation and fantasizing. Sometimes, supposed magical brain mechanisms are invoked for this. The (highly paid) expert witness tells the judge and the public: Our scientific method clearly shows that the witness is not speaking the truth. In Germany, we even have an obligation for experts in legal cases about sexual abuse to use a certain method that relies heavily on verbatim expression. It automatically renders all accounts by young children and heavily traumatized psychiatric patients “not based on real experiences but on fantasy” (see here and here in German.)

It all goes back to Darwin´s small sentence, that is so useful in all circumstances:  “... to believe this, would not be scientific.”

Coming back to the supernatural experiences: This is how it all started, thousands of years ago, with supernatural magic power rituals, visions, induced near death experiences. The underlying foundation of most of these belief systems is pantheism: God is (in) everything. People who buy this lie lose the ability to understand that God being everything means the same as God being nothing. If pantheism were true, all you can get would be a futile feeling of “holiness” of everything. But if you perform rituals for the lying spirits of pantheism, sure, they will give you a nice and cosey feeling and in some cases even real physical healings. Johanna Michaelsen writes and speaks about this “Beautiful Side of Evil” from her own deep involvement with it, see here. (By the way, the supposed evidence for reincarnation, which is part of spiritual evolution beliefs, is easily explained by the influence of evil spirit beings too.)

Darwinism comes from the same occult sources as pantheism. As was already said, central figures in the promotion of evolution were Freemasons, where occult practices are at the center. Modern materialism and Darwinism only represent the final turning point in Satan´s age old scheme of “teaching” mankind through lying spirits to follow him into their own destruction instead of following our Creator to eternal life. 

Real evolution and invented evolution

One remark regarding the evolution of capitalism that is mentioned in Hopkins´ article: Yes, human products really evolve, like for example capitalism. This is the only usage of the word evolution that makes sense: Intelligent beings create things and apply changes to later generations.

The only biological evolution though, that we ever observe are changes over generations in size, fur, food that´s eaten, or changes in color and behavior. Some of these changes can be huge, like from wolf to chihuahua. But dogs stay dogs, bacteria stay bacteria, trees give birth to trees and humans give birth to humans. There is no evidence that DNA could improve or invent something new, see here. Actually, human DNA deteriorates at such a high rate that it seems, mankind will fairly soon die out anyway, see here. Sure, they discover something, like “Junk-DNA”, hox-genes or ERV (endogenous retroviruses) in the DNA of humans and chimpanzees, and you will read and hear around the world these amazing news: Finally! Darwin vindicated! But when some years later, it is invariably found that the supposed evidence for evolution turns into evidence against evolution, it is never publicized that this really was no evidence for evolution after all. See for example here and here. – There cannot be any evidence for evolution anyway, as explained above.

Never did we observe one single exception to the rule that the offspring is of the same kind (or “family” if you will) as the parents. Neither is there any real idea any longer, how this could ever happen. This holds true despite the many announcements in the past that they now found definite proof, how evolution works. If you want to gain some insight into the highly complex discussion, here and here are a few more starting points. More literature is given at the end of the article.

Charles Darwin had no idea about molecular biology or what cells really are. But he drew this world-changing, crazy analogy: Because intelligent beings evolve intelligent products in the economy, it is to be seen as fact that blind forces in nature evolve intelligent products too – including even the higher dimensions life and consciousness and even subconsciousness. Never mind that dumb nature´s accidental creation is by orders of magnitude more intelligent than what we could ever accomplish with all our united intelligence and computers. Deep time, invented by Darwin´s friend Charles Lyell, fixes it. Never mind that we cannot actually explain it. Time will fix it. We can also flip explanations any time, no problem, as long as we deny God.

Evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin even openly admitted that Darwin´s newly defined anti-God science is executed to this day. Lewontin showed that the ultimate purpose of modern science is to make it impossible to talk seriously about God, no matter how stupid our theories have to be in order to accomplish this goal. These are his words:

“It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door.” Read Lewontin´s whole review on Sagan: “The Demon-Haunted World” here. (Lewontin never renounced evolution and contradicts himself several times in this review.)

Science and the power-driven narrative “modern scientific worldview” demand that we must accept evolution. Else we will be called stupid. We must put all our faith into this magical process of self-invention and self-assembly in nature. It runs against known laws of physics, and nobody can find or describe its mechanisms. But we know that it does take place without any intervening intelligence. Not even anyone or anything was there to begin with, just nothing. Mere chance and necessity of nothing in nothing made everything. – To believe that, is what is now called “intelligent”. Watch Ben Stein´s movie: No Intelligence Allowed for illustration, how academia keeps fighting against any uprising intelligence.

God´s gifts and Satan´s most favorite sin

God says, he created everything and whosoever calls on him, will be saved and have eternal life. There is only one single hope for us, and this is that he is real and true to his word, just as he promises in the Bible. There is no other exit. But Satan´s most favorite human sin keeps many away from accepting this unimaginably great offer with thanksgiving. How great is the gift? Watch Steve Gardipee´s testimony for reference.

The sin that holds us back is pride, and its most toxic version is intellectual pride: You can become like God. As Stephen Hawking said, we do not need God to explain the universe. The universe can create itself out of nothing. – How? – Well just a few minor points not quite clear yet, as you can watch here. Don´t ask questions, just believe and stay away from God and be proud about how clever you are, as long as you blindly follow our instructions.

Evil spirits

In reality, pride is an evil spirit. I am sure, all blind acceptance of any stupid story is also a spirit. I am sure, evolution is a spirit, Hegelian philosophy is a spirit, Covidianism is a spirit, climate activism is a spirit. Just look at the wide dark pupils of the people glueing themselves to stuff as if they´re toddlers. If you want to see real life exorcisms of evil spirits, I have some examples for you here and here and here. This one is an exorcism of the demon of atheism. I would very much like to offer public exorcisms to the Normals, as Hopkins calls the people who follow the mainstream narrative aggressively. Then everybody could see what is really going on. In case you are interested, let me know.

The reason why for educated people the real Jesus seems absolutely impossible is for sure partly false and missing information. But more important will be the spirits that are connected with the lie.

I do understand: rationally minded people will not want to believe such hocus pocus. But the whole story you were taught is false. Science may have many things right, but the big stories are just that: stories that are in no way superior to the Biblical story. Actually, they are much worse in many respects. But they sell us the lie about all this definite proof. Thus, what you were taught to find most ridiculous, is most likely true. Life is all much more spiritual than people (also Christians) understand. Even vaccines have to do with the spiritual realm too. We have seen pictures of people suddenly behaving as if they are attacked by... well a spirit being, see here. We do not know whether it comes from the vaccines, but it is an entirely new phenomenon.

If God is a spirit being who created everything and we are going back to the spiritual world, then it is self-evident: The important things in our lives will have to do with spiritual entities, good or bad. It is not irrational to believe that spirits are real, it is inevitable. It is not irrational to believe in heaven and hell, rather it is highly rational.

The splitting of societies into “Normals” and “Deviants” that Hopkins writes about in his article, is a mixture of psychological and spiritual problems. It is the result of narcissists grooming people to becoming their “flying monkeys”. This name comes from ape-like demonic figures in “The Wizard of Oz”. The psychological part is interesting too, but there are literally thousands of videos out there that explain the phenomenon, in case you are not familiar with it, so I skip this part.

What psychologists (who are obliged to believe in evolution) cannot take into account, is the spiritual side of the problem. By accepting the lies from the narcissist, people begin to share the same spirit aka demon. This is why it does not need much to get many people go crazy against their fellow humans and why they so easily lose their ability to feel any empathy for their victims. It is a demonic phenomenon, and demons hate humans.

We are spiritual beings and are being influenced by the spirits we accept. Thus, our entire attitude towards someone can change in an instant without obvious reasons and almost irreversible – if an evil spirit gains power over us through lies and trauma. (Trauma is essential in mind control.) The most important things here are happening “unconsciously”.

Without Freud´s big story of the murderous and sexual subconscious, it would have been much more difficult to hide the reality of spirits from the public. The story holds that mere dirt, dead matter can not only create life and consciousness but also add a subconscious mind that wants perverted things that our conscious minds hate. It is said to have been useful for survival to suffer from this kind of schizophrenia. Freud was an ardent admirer of Darwin.

The deniers of a spiritual world and of real spirits in humans and in God find themselves now facing the supposed “consciousness” of their machines that they programmed. People, please. Electric circuits do not create a higher dimension. But make no mistake: It could very well be possible, scientists and occultists find material hybrid solutions (“transhumans”) that can actually be used and possessed by demons, in which case, yes: robots can have consciousness. What is more: yes, all they will want is hurt and kill humans. This might explain the expressed irrational fear of totally “rational” people like Elon Musk or philosopher David Chalmers that their AI will gain consciousness and want to kill us. If these people had any mind at all, they would have to try and stop these developments, according to their own beliefs. But of course, they do not, because their minds are entirely possessed by evil spirits.

The same is true of Normals who take part in the attack against Deviants. The perpetrating Normals will mostly not be aware of any evil motive against their victims, because they really have none. It just feels right to attack. They would even say, they are not even attacking anybody, they are just doing, what is right. They feel that they are right. They see their victims as perpetrators and themselves as victims because this is what they feel. True, in many cases they will simply say, what they have been told. But the reason why the manipulations work so well, is because demons manipulate emotions. They block certain brain circuits and natural ways of thinking (remember, our brains work by electrical circuits). They put ideas and thoughts in our heads. The demon might already be in the person – most of us people have some demons – but it gains power the moment that people accept lies as true. Once the demon is in place, no rational argument will help, no mercy will be available.

The solution would be easy. People who did evil but then turn to Christ and get deliverance (see videos above) will find that they no longer can take part in this evil game. Many will lose some demons on the spot, when they really decide for Jesus. Then they will see their fellow humans as who they are and love them. They cannot be used by Satan in such profound ways. Jesus followers are nowhere near perfect, but we have an obligation to keep our eyes on our own mistakes and love our enemies. We get reminded of our duties by the Holy Spirit.

Of course, we cannot force people to turn to Christ or receive deliverance of evil spirits. This is why in the end, God must and will intervene to tidy up this planet. But no matter what will happen here, salvation can be yours.

Turning to God, coming home

The good side of all evil things that are happening now, is: the more dire our situation, the easier we overcome our false pride. The exit, the door is to be found in the Bible, by reading and asking God to help us understand. If you cannot believe the Bible could be God´s word, start talking to your Creator, the Creator of everything. It is stupid to think, there is no Creator. It is just as stupid to claim that our Creator does not speak to us or hear our prayers and not even try, as Immanuel Kant, Freemasonry´s most admired philosopher, proclaimed.

Please understand: God does not expect us to bring up the faith on our own. Faith comes by getting rid of lies and evil spirits and by searching for God. He helps us on the way, he provides the faith and the love we need. So of course, you can tell him: I do not even believe you exist, but if you do, please reveal yourself to me.

There is much more to say. How to get rid of demons. The major lies in Christianity. What does God want from us? I will explain in future articles and videos what I learned about how this all works, finding God and walking with him. All I want to say here, is: it is an incredibly exciting and challenging process – and at times beautiful beyond imagination.

A new era

CJ Hopkins writes that dissenters of the current ruling system might be facing death some time in the future. In case you ever have to face death for what you believe, there is only one option that offers something: die for Christ. If this happens, you win not just something, but everything. As I see it, if you are ready to die for Christ, you may even be raptured to heaven before it gets really bad.

Hopkins´ article is about the irreversible splitting of our societies by unethical pandemic policies. But what is happening goes far deeper and much further back in history. I want to stress my conviction that all the deception during the pandemic could only take place under an already established totalitarian regime of evolutionary (pseudo-)science. At first they had to make the majority spiritually stupid and helpless, before such a project was possible.

What we are seeing now, has been prepared through the ages. False Christianity, Enlightenment and Darwinism, they were all necessary steps to finally build up Satan´s world religion. World religion is exactly, what world religious leaders just proclaimed, see here. They say, their treaty is essential for peace and safety. All this is prophesied in the Bible. The Bible also says: “For when they shall say, peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.“ (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

Modern science is but one of the last steps on our way to the final cataclysm. Much fraud paves its path, but all the magic of the past was like that, and it was always deadly for some people. They all have been using magical tricks to convince people of lies. See just one more quick example here and here, about our supposed ape-like ancestors. It is magic: Can you not see evolution happening in these dead bone fragments? Short answer, no, I cannot and neither can you. Science can be used to deceive people. The overblown image of science as savior of the world is part of the game.

Many examples are given in books like “Trust us, we´re experts” and “Toxic sludge is good for you”, both by Rampton/Stauber. But never was a campaign so widespread, never were there so many perpetrators and so many victims as during the “plandemic”. And we will see, what is yet to happen. We truly enter another era, I personally cannot help but hope, we are already “there” and it will not last long. According to the Bible, it will last either 3.5 or 7 years.

I am well aware: You might experience the same kind of reaction to the proclamation of the Bible as truth that Normals have to your information about other things. You just feel intuitively that Jesus can never be the answer. But your intuition, your lack of love for your Creator, your absolute “knowledge” that everything created itself from nothing – all this is the result of you growing up in a whole tightly-knit system of lies that makes up the heart of modernity. By accepting lies as truth, spirits gain power over our thoughts and feelings. We live in captivity, but Jesus came to set the captives free, and there is no other way.

I pray that each person who reads this article, first of all CJ Hopkins and all the other heroes of the pandemic, will be able to find the truth and come to Jesus. I trust, you will not take the mark of the beast, 666 or whatever it will be that you will need to buy or sell. And hope to see you in heaven.

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More information about evolution and Christianity in German in my free book here. On Youtube see here and here and World vs. Jesus.

English books on evolution: Matti Leisola (Heretic), Jonathan Wells (Zombie Science), Philip Johnson (Darwin on Trial), Stephen Meyers (Return of the God Hypothesis, Darwin´s Doubt), Marcos Eberlin (Foresight), Michael Denton (Evolution); Douglas Axe (Undeniable); John Sanford (Genetic Entropy).

English Youtube channels about evolution and Christianity: DrJamesTour, Cold Case Christianity, Discovery Science and of course many others.